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About Mim

Mim came a little late into tattooing, after 5 years of art school there were periods of time spent doing all sorts of things. From moving cars on Stallingborough docks, to running pubs and property development. In the end, she succeeded in landing an old-school apprenticeship in a small studio in her then home town of Cleethorpes. Soon after completing her apprenticeship she relocated to Dorset, where she spent the last few years developing her work and building on her portfolio. In October 2017, she celebrates 7 years within this industry, and in the past two years she has won 9 awards at conventions, two of which were for best in show. She now very much has her own style of work, which involves a combination of realism imagery with abstract or dot work patterns. Mim has been a valued member of the Just Add Ink team since 2014, and the studio is like a second home to her. Bring her something to do with animals, realism, or dot work and she will create for you a custom design.

Mim's Work

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